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About Design Wrap Brands, Inc. 

Design Wrap Brands was started as a dream of a way to provide for a family from a single mother. In 1989, our founder was a struggling mother of two. She was looking for a way to get into the motorcycle industry and she loved to sew. She created the products with the idea that if we made them sized in a way that no matter what the fabric type, you could always be sure that you had the right size.  For the next twenty years, she traveled theion country, selling her wares, and gaining friends in the industry. Over that time, she created more products, more designs and refined her patterns.  

Fast forward to 2014... After a lifetime of toils, celebrations and struggles, our founder decided to retire from the apparel business, and begin an adventure in charitable organization event planning. She sold the company and the designs to current owner, Sarah Little, and the company relocated to Stillwater, OK. 

Sarah is a graphic artist by education, a born salesperson by talent, and a motorcycle enthusiast. She and her husband ride everything from the backroads of Oklahoma to the trails of colorado and the many miles of highway inbetween. They are the parents to two growing boys, and love to spend time outdoors, and traveling. 

Design Wrap Brands, Inc. operates on a belief that hard work, honest principles and good customer service will make great customers. We love our products, we wear our products and we know that if you'll try them out, you'll love them too!